Customer Reviews:

“I was one of the guys who got early access for the very special price and all I can say is “Wow”.  These guys are crazy to offer those plugins for that low annual fee. I have seen other guys who sold their plugins which are the same quality as these plugins for a one-time fee and then switched to a annual payment which is more than 10 times of the special price.It won’t be a mistake to join this membership site for those nifty plugins.

— Dirk


“Got here early and was lucky to get a very nice plugins. So far I have installed and tested marquee, rssfeedscroller and weatherforecast. Each one of these worked perfectly and seem very light weight on resources. Within an hour got a comment on a local directory site thanking me for the cool Weather widget So well worth the effort if people notice that quickly. There is no doubt you can find some releated and free plugions in the WP plugin directory, but I have found you cannot count on those being updated in a timely manner. Not having updates leads to a unsecure WP installation… After speaking with the Site owner get the feeling we can count on having up-to-date plugins at a crazy price. The members site has a helpdesk also, something I always look for. Find so many plugins offered here without any type of support links which sets off bells and alarms. The only thing I encourage is to give buyers some idea of how many plugins are planned for future. Overall I say grab this offer at this price.”

— Terry


“As a photographer , I was searching for low footprint good image protection plugin. I tried several but found this one to be the most effective. Keep up the good work.”

— Venura


“Just activate and it works! Did not impact my theme or any links on my page.”

— groupesynergos