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Fantastic Content Protector

This Plugin protects the content by disabling the copy actions such as mouse right click, ctrl+c, ctrl+v etc. Also you can ON/OFF each of these actions.


This Plugin is highly user friendly and you can easily customize it to protect the content of your WordPress site

  • It has the following features which can be turned ON/OFF in the Plugin Admin Settings page.
    • 1. Disables the Mouse Right Click
    • 2. Disables CTRL+C – Copy
    • 3. Disables CTRL+X – Cut
    • 4. Disables CTRL+V – Paste
    • 5. Disables CTRL+U – View Source
    • 6. Disables CTRL+A – Select All
    • 7. Disables CTRL+S – Save
    • 8. Disables Image Dragging