WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Split Payment

WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Split Payment is a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin.

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Woocommerce PayPal Adaptive Split Payment is a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin which helps in splitting the Payment to multiple PayPal Accounts(maximum 6). The main (Admin) PayPal Account should be a PayPal Premier or Business account to use PayPal Adaptive Split Payment.


Split Payment
Payments can be split between a maximum of 6 different Receivers

Setting up the Receivers
Receivers can be set at Product Level, Category Level and Global Level

Receiver Percentage
Split Percentage can be set for each Receiver

Parallel Mode
Payment is split and sent to multiple Receivers at the same time

Chained Mode
Payment is sent first to the Primary Receiver from where it is further split and sent to Secondary Receivers

Delayed Chained Mode
Payment is sent first to the Primary Receiver from where it is further split and sent to Secondary Receivers after a Delay

Payment Fees
Option for Site Admin to make the Sender/Receiver to pay the PayPal Payment Fees

User Role Restrictions
Product Level Settings can be restricted to Specific User Roles

Hiding Other Payment Gateways
Option for Site Admin to hide other Payment Gateways when PayPal Adaptive Split enabled product is in cart

Bulk Update Options
Bulk Update option to set Payment Receivers and their respective Split Percentages

Translation Support
Translation files are available in the plugin to translate

And More
Many More features are available in the plugin


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 4.9 on 19 May 2017
Fix: Menu Settings Page not displayed Properly
Fix: Error in Category Settings

Version 4.8 on 16 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
New: Filters added for modifying the commission splitting amount and amount received by each receiver

Version 4.7 on 13 November 2016
New: Customer’s Shipping Address can be used in PayPal Shipping Address

Version 4.6 on 02 November 2016
Fix: Product data from shipping, inventory, linked products, advanced tab of product page disappearing problem

Version 4.5 on 08 October 2016
New: Display Split Payment Information in Order Details Page
Tweak: Order status managed based on product types option(Virtual, Downloadable)
Fix: Bulk Update problem
Fix: Email Validation added in Bulk Update
Fix: Split Percentage validation for Bulk Update
Fix: Settings Page not visible properly
Fix: Undefined index issue
Fix: Settings not displayed properly after saving on Product Page

Version 4.4 on 13 September 2016
Fix: Warning message during activation

Version 4.3 on 30 August 2016
New: Bulk Update
Fix: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.x
Fix: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.x

Version 4.2 on 14 May 2016
– New: Option for changing the order status based on checking payment status

Version 4.1 on 29 February 2016
– Fix: Email sending problem

Version 4.0 on 26 February 2016
– New: Added Delayed Chained Payment

Version 1.5 on 08 February 2016
– New: Compatible with Security layer TLSv1.2

Version 2.9 on 26 January 2016
– Fix: Bad Request on API Call

Version 2.8 on 14 January 2016
– Fix: Order Completion based on IPN Request

Version 2.7 on 26 September 2015
– New: Added Restriction Option to hide Other Payment Gateways in Checkout

Version 2.6 on 02 August 2015
– Tweak: Changed Error Message for WooCommerce Plugin Dependency

Version 2.5 on 08 July 2015
– New: Hook to set the Receiver details from Checkout Page Place Order for Developers

Version 2.4 on 01 July 2015
– Fix: Invalid Request Parameter Receiver list null Validation

Version 2.3 on 25 June 2015
– Fix: Sending New Order Mail instantly to Admin

Version 2.2 on 18 June 2015
– Fix: Reducing Stock Twice upon Order Completion

Version 2.0 on 08 May 2015
– Fix: Getting Receiver List from more than one Category

Version 1.9 on 27 April 2015
– Fix: XSS Security Problem Fixed

Version 1.8 on 14 April 2015
– Fixed Debug Errors

Version 1.7 on 18 February 2015
– Bug Fix in duplicate Payment fees by Option

Version 1.6 on 17 February 2015
Bug Fix for error notice and warning message

Version 1.5 on 06 January 2015
– Hide Single Product Page PayPal Adaptive Settings based on User Role Added. This will help when used with Socio Multi Vendor

Version 1.4 on 24 October 2014
– Added Fees Payment Option for Parallel and Chained Payment Mode

Version 1.3 on 05 October 2014
– Bug Fix in Parallel and Chained Payment Method

Version 1.2 on 03 October 2014
– Relayed the PayPal Error Message for better understanding

Version 1.1 on 16 June 2014
– Supported Product Level and Category Level

Version 1.0 on 8 June 2014
– Initial Release