Welcome to Support Center

Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

We provide support during Mon-Fri and the average response time is 1 to 2 days. Sometimes it can take more time if we get more support tickets, continuous holidays etc.

All support tickets that don’t get a reply from your side for over a week will be closed. Please open a new support ticket if this happens.

We reserve the right not to respond to buyers who are rude, harm us in any way, monopolize our support time, ask anything which doesn’t come under support etc.

Please do the following in order to get prompt and precise support.

  1. You need to include your Codecanyon username in the support ticket.
  2. You should also include the purchase code in the support ticket. Purchase code can be found in your Codecanyon Dashboard->Downloads Tab->Download Button of the corresponding item.
  3. Please let us know how to reproduce the problem you are reporting by
    a. Giving us temp WP login to your site with steps to reproduce the problem (or)
    b. You can set up a dummy site where you can reproduce the problem. Then you can give the temp WP login with steps to reproduce the problem.
  4. Once you open a new support ticket, please login to the support after a couple of days to see whether a reply has been made because some times the email notifications for support ticket replies can land in your spam folder, blocked by your server etc.

The support tickets will be answered in the order we receive them.

Please note our support does not include the following

1. Customize or Help to Customize our Products.
2. Problems caused by other Products which don’t follow the WordPress standards.
3. Custom issues which happens only in your site but not reproduce able in our side.
4. Problems happening due to customization done by you or your developer.

How can I get Support?

You can get support by opening a Support Ticket.

How to Install/Upgrade the Plugin?

The steps to Install/Upgrade the plugin is provided in the Description Page/Documentation. The Documentation can be found inside the downloaded zip file.

Will I lose the settings If I Upgrade the Plugin?

You will not lose any settings by upgrading the plugin. We also suggest you to test the new version in a testing site before upgrading it in the live site.

I tried installing the plugin but the installation failed?

Please refer the Description Page/Documentation for the Installation Steps.

I Opened a Support Ticket few days back and I didn’t get a reply?

We usually reply in a day or two. Please note that sometimes the support reply Email Notification can get lost in spam folder. Hence we suggest you to login to our Support and check for updates after a couple of days.

Do you provide Support only through your Support Ticket System?

Yes. Our Support Team monitors the Support Tickets frequently and it helps us to provide the support quickly.

Can I Request New Features?

Yes, Of Course, You can contact us with New Feature Requests. If it is feasible, we will bring it in our Future Updates.

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