Fantastic Plugins frequently releases Free WordPress Plugins on the hope that we are giving something back to this wonderful WordPress community we love so much. We have categorized all the Free WordPress Plugins we release under the Category Free Plugins.

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Getting Free WordPress Plugins from Fantastic Plugins is similar to buying our Premium/Super Premium Plugins with the difference that your purchase price would be $0. Except that difference it is the same procedure as follows

1. Add the Free WordPress Plugin to the Shopping Cart.

2. Enter all your information and registration details.

3. Checkout from the Shopping Cart by Placing an Order.

4. Your Order details would be emailed and you can login to Fantastic Plugins->My Account using the login details you used for registration.

5. Inside the My Account you can view your Orders and its corresponding Free WordPress Plugins for downloads.

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Step 6 & 7 are optional. Do it if you like Fantastic Plugins.

We have also grouped all our Free WordPress Plugins as a Free Member product. If you Join as Free Member, then you will have all Free WordPress Plugins inside your My Account for download. We will be adding more Free WordPress Plugins all the time.

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