SUMO Reward Points

SUMO Reward Points is the WooCommerce Loyalty Reward Points System. Reward your Customers using Reward Points for Purchasing Products, Writing Reviews, Sign up on your site etc.

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SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward/Loyalty Points Plugin is a Premium WooCommerce Plugin which can be used to Reward your Customers with Points for Product Purchase, Product Reviews, Sign up, Referrals, Social share, etc. Earned Reward Points can be redeemed for getting discounts on future purchases.


SUMO Reward Points – Why Infographics


  • Points with Expiry
  • Signup Reward Points
  • Signup Reward Points for Referred Users
  • Reward Points for WordPress Signup
  • Signup Reward Points can be awarded after First Purchase
  • Product Purchase Reward Points
  • Compatible with SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing Plugin (requires SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing Plugin)
  • Strictly Point Pricing/Currency and Point Pricing for Products
  • Generate Referral Link
  • Static Referral Link
  • Refer a Friend
  • Reward Points for Getting Referred
  • Referral Signup Reward Points
  • Referral Signup Reward Points can be awarded after First Purchase
  • Referral Signup Points can be awarded based on User Purchased Amount or Number of Successful Orders
  • Referral Product Purchase Reward Points
  • Referral Reward Points can be awarded immediately/after specific time
  • Referral link expiry can be set
  • Referral link expiry after x number of Purchases can be set
  • Manual Referral Linking
  • Referrals for Lifetime
  • Referral Rewards Table
  • Social Promotion Reward Points
  • Product Creation Reward Points
  • Blog Post Creation Reward Points
  • Blog Post Comments Reward Points
  • Page Comment Reward Points
  • Reward Points for using Coupons
  • Product Review Reward Points
  • Reward Points for Creating Topics using BBPress Plugin
  • Reward Points for Replying to Topics using BBPress Plugin
  • Product Review Reward Points restricted to One Review Per Product per Member
  • Product Review Reward Points awarded for only Purchased users
  • Daily Login Reward Points
  • Buying Reward Points
  • Reward Points for Donations (requires SUMO Donations Plugin)
  • Don’t award Reward points for Subscription renewal orders (requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Reward Points Earning Percentage by User Roles
  • Reward Points Earning Percentage based on Membership Plans (requires SUMO Memberships Plugin)
  • Reward Points Earning Percentage by Total Earned Points
  • Free Products when reaching certain Member level
  • Payment Gateway Reward Points
  • Order Status for awarding Reward Points
  • Reward Points calculated based on Original/Discount Price(After Applying Coupon/Redeeming reward points)
  • Gift Voucher
  • Email Notification for Earning(Product Purchase) or Redeeming Reward Points
  • Sending Email based on Mandrill Emails
  • Multiple Email Templates can be created
  • SMS Notification(Twilio/Nexmo) for Earning(Product Purchase) or Redeeming Reward Point
  • Maximum Reward Points Balance
  • Nominee
  • Checkout page Nominee for current order
  • Send Reward Points to Other Members
  • Selected Products can be purchased only with Reward Points
  • Manual Redeeming in Cart/Checkout Page
  • Automatic Redeeming
  • Minimum Reward Points to earn for Redeeming
  • Minimum/Maximum Cart total for Earning or Redeeming
  • Minimum/Maximum Reward Points for Redeeming
  • Maximum Redeeming Value can be set for Orders
  • Redeeming on Cart Total/Product Total
  • Redeeming can be done for Selected Products/Categories
  • Don’t Allow coupons when Redeeming Points
  • Don’t Allow Redeeming when Coupon is used
  • Don’t allow Redeeming/Coupon when the other one is used
  • Don’t allow Earning of Points when Coupon(s) earned through SUMO Coupons is applied in Cart
  • Don’t allow Redeeming when Coupon(s) earned through SUMO Coupons is applied in Cart
  • Don’t Earn When Redeeming
  • Points cannot be earned when coupon is used in an order
  • Cash back for Reward Points
  • Reward Points Payment Gateway
  • Automatic Subscription Renewal using SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Restrict/Ban Users from Earning/Redeeming Reward points
  • Reward Points can Updated for Old Orders
  • Manual Add/Remove Reward Points
  • Table to view/edit Reward Points for Members
  • CSV Import/Export Reward Points
  • Bulk Update
  • Master log
  • Master log can be exported
  • Extensive List of Shortcodes
  • API Functions for Developers
  • String Translation & WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Security Settings to Prevent Unusual Earning/Redeeming
  • Highly Customizable
  • Features can be Enabled/Disabled
  • Translation Ready
  • RTL Support
  • And More


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 17.2 on 25 April 2017
New: Shortcodes tab with all shortcode details
New: General Improvements
Fix: Fatal error in Master log Tab and My Reward Table in My Account page
Fix: Round off type issue
Fix: Selected Products are not saved in Cart Tab
Fix: User selection does not list the user in Reset Tab
Fix: p tag appended with script which causes a jQuery Conflict
Fix: Earn Point message is always displaying for variable product even if does not have any reward points
Fix: Product title in “Purchase [titleofproduct] and Earn x Reward Points” is not displayed for Variable product
Fix: Responsiveness of Welcome Page
Fix: Displaying negative points in Order edit page when purchased the product contains buying reward points
Fix: Error message “Trying to get property of non-object” displayed when WooCommerce Coupon is used
Fix: Error Message “Warning: Illegal string offset” displayed in My Account Page

Version 17.1 on 19 April 2017
New: Welcome Page
New: UI Improvements
Fix: Remove points manually issue
Fix: Error displaying in My Account Page after deleting the order
Fix: Error in admin area
Fix: Coupon applying issue
Fix: Error in Master Log tab after deleting the order
Fix: Error Message displaying in cart when using the WooCommerce Coupon is applied
Fix: Undefined Variable in Cart Page
Fix: Social Reward Points issue when points is assigned from global level

Version 17.0 on 11 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
New: Social Reward Points for Share
New: Separate Expiry date can be set for Points added through Add/Remove Points Tab
New: Show/hide Redeeming Success Notice
New: Reward Points is removed Messaged can be customized
New: Referral Product Purchase Points for Renewal Orders of SUMO Subscription can be awarded based on Admin Option
Fix: Coupon field is visible in checkout page when the Coupon field is set to Hide in SUMO Reward Points Settings and vice versa
Fix: “Complete the purchase and earn x Points” notice not displayed in checkout page after Points has been Redeemed in Cart
Fix: Free Product(s) not added to cart based on Total Earned Points
Fix: Custom CSS not working in Shop Page and Single Product Page Tabs
Fix: SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway is visible when the option is set to hide(Only for Bookable Products)
Fix: Fatal error in Cart Page for Simple Product
Fix: Missing Argument Warning Fixed
Fix: Fatal error call to undefined function WC_Product_Deposit::get_variation_attributes()
Fix: Unwanted Wrapper before Product Image removed(Causes issue with Mini Cart in Some Themes)
Fix: Global Expiry Date not displayed on Logs
Fix: Referrer displayed wrongly for Referral Product Purchase Log
Fix: Trying to property of Non Object Warning Fixed
Fix: Point Price settings in Product level should be hidden when Global Settings is Disabled
Fix: Product review Points not awarded when Product review is displayed in a Custom Form

Version 16.9 on 28 March 2017
New: Option to revoke referral reward points when referral is deleted
New: Points can be sent to any member through Send Points Form
New: Referral system can be restricted to Specific User or User role
New: Reward Points for Product purchase can be restricted for SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway
Tweak: Reset Option is optimized for All User option
Tweak: Added two columns (i.e) Total Redeemed Points and Total Expired Points in User Reward Points tab
Fix: Redeeming field displayed twice in Checkout in Flatsome theme
Fix: Syntax missing jQuery error in front end
Fix: Price range not displayed in Shop Page for Variable product when Point Pricing is enabled
Fix: Undefined offset error in Single Product Page for Simple Product
Fix: Show/Hide for Earn Point message in Single Product Page for Variable Product is not working properly
Fix: Incorrect currency value for current points is displayed through shortcode
Fix: Undefined variable error in Admin side when referral user is deleted
Fix: Fatal error occur when referral user is deleted
Fix: Show/Hide not working properly for Point Pricing in General Tab

Version 16.8 on 20 March 2017
New: Option to not award Reward Points for Products on sale
New: Option to give percentage based points for Payment Gateway
New: Added Reset All Button to the settings
New: Pagination option added for tabs using WP List Tables through Screen options
Tweak: Entries will be displayed in Referral Reward Table only when the User has referred some other Person
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Getting Referred Log recorded for revision
Tweak: Clicking the Reset Button will reset only the current Tab
Fix: Earned points is not revised when the order is canceled
Fix: Points being redeemed twice in an order when using reward points gateway
Fix: Redeeming field is displaying above the cart table when the points applied are removed
Fix: Earn Points message different in Product page and Checkout[due to tax]
Fix: Earn Points Percentage based on Total Earned points in Member level is calculating incorrectly
Fix: Auto Redeem is not working in checkout
Fix: Points not removed when trying to remove all the points using remove points button in User Reward Tab
Fix: Total redeem points shortcode
Fix: Display both option is not working in Show/Hide Redeeming/Coupon drop down menu
Fix: Google+ Button problem
Fix: Incorrect Referral Count displayed in Referral Rewards table
Fix: Referral Registration Points awarded twice
Fix: Getting Referred Points awarded to Referrer
Fix: Category level points not earned for product when product associated with multiple categories
Fix: Negative Redeemed points displayed in Order Details Page Metabox
Fix: Plugin Settings disappeared with PHP 7.1

Version 16.7 on 02 March 2017
New: Option to perform Auto Redeeming in Checkout when not applied in Cart
New: Shortcode added to display product name in My Account Page Reward Points Log
New: Option added to Display Reward Points position before or after in My Account Page
New: Italian language files added
New: Troubleshoot option to enqueue jQuery UI Library in SUMO Reward Points
New: Code Improvements
Fix: Messages from Reward Points is displayed twice in cart page when product is removed
Fix: Default Redeeming field not displayed when Redeemed Points is removed from Cart
Fix: Points which can be earned is not displayed properly when Points based on Discounted Price is enabled
Fix: Reset Tab not working for Selected Users
Fix: Error on Coupon Reward Points Tab
Fix: Validation not to send more points than available points
Fix: Points being awarded when option is set to not award points when Points Redeemed or Coupon Applied
Fix: Unwanted Points revision on Order Status change when “Don’t award Points when Coupon / Redeem Points “is enabled

Version 16.6 on 14 February 2017
New: Option to select the number of items to be displayed per page through Screen options in List table of User Reward Points tab, Master Log tab and Referral Reward Table tab
New: Option to hide redeem field when discount applied by SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing Plugin
Tweak: Label change for Coupon Removed notice when Redeemed Points are removed
Fix: Points being awarded only to one Product in Order when multiple Products has been purchased
Tweak: Local time displayed in Reward Log Table when WordPress Format type is used along with the Time Zone
Fix: Earn Points Message disappears from Cart when Redeemed points is removed
Fix: Variable Product settings always displayed as Enabled issue
Fix: Email Sent for Unsubscribed Users
Fix: User being able to earn points after the usage Limit for Point URL exceed
Fix: Member Level Shortcodes not displaying the correct Level names
Fix: Removed the Cancel option when status becomes Paid in Send Points Form
Fix: Reward Log being recorded when points when 0 Points is awarded through Getting Referred

Version 16.5 on 07 February 2017
Fix: Shortcodes problem for Guests
Fix: Invalid argument problem in All Pages
Fix: Frontend sliders jQuery Conflict
Fix: Parameter issue (Audio file added in the mail)

Version 16.4 on 02 February 2017
New: Option to set Point Price for Lottery Products
New: Added Email Id column in Referral Rewards Table
New: Referral reward Points should not be awarded if the link is used by already registered users
New: Point Price display based on the customization Settings in the Cart Table
Fix: Footable undefined error in Shop Page
Fix: Multiple Products from the Selected categories not being able to purchase in same order
Fix: Redeeming Conversion calculation problem for newly registered users

Version 16.3 on 17 January 2017
New: Table to display the Buyer and Nominee with option to unlink nominee
Tweak: Option to customize Facebook Share button label
Tweak: Added Short code [rs_nominee_table] to display nominee table
Fix: Points not awarded for Simple Product Purchase when it contains Variation ID
Fix: Single Product Page Layout breaking issue
Fix: Date displayed as unix time stamp in admin logs
Fix: jQuery is not defined
Fix: Points not earned for order when points are redeemed
Fix: Warning Messages fixed for Guests
Fix: Incorrect Points redeemed when using SUMO Reward Gateway
Fix: Earn Points message not update in checkout when enable the option “Enable Reward Points based on Discount Amount”and WooCommerce coupon is applied
Fix: Email not sent to selected users when emails is set to be sent based on Cron Job
Fix: Bulk Update is not updating issue(Ajax Problem)
Fix: Earn Points not displayed based on admin option

Version 16.2 on 08 January 2017
New: bbPress Reward Points for posting a post
New: Hide Redeem/Coupon field when the other one is applied
New: Option to prevent Earning/Redeeming when SUMO Coupons is applied
Tweak: Option for Member Level Based on Total Earned Points or Current Available Points
Fix: Negative Points awarding problem to referrer
Fix: Missing parameter in in_array
Fix: Earned date display problem in My Reward Table (My Account Page) for other site languages
Fix: Default value not set in Plugin Settings
Fix: Incorrect Points being Redeemed in Auto Redeemed mode
Fix: Incorrect Points sent in Email because of Log not getting recorded
Fix: Admin Dashboard debug error
Fix: Email ID from cash back form not being recorded in Submitted Requests

Version 16.1 on 19 December 2016
New: Option to force Guest to create account when Points associated Product is in cart
New: Added a new meta in order id to save the total points which was earned for the order
New: Action hooks added for Redeeming and Reward Points gateway usage
New: Added Placeholder for Gift Voucher Redeeming Field
Fix: Other Bug fixes and improvements

Version 16.0 on 23 November 2016
New: Option added to reduce points from account for manual orders placed through SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Points calculation problem for redeeming when tax is enabled
Fix: Security improvements
Fix: Not able to hide Referral Table from My Account Page
Fix: Warning message fixed during manual order creation
Fix: Points earned from manual order not reduced from account when order refunded
Fix: Incorrect points being earned when points based on discounted price is enabled, redeeming is made and points not awarded based on Member level
Fix: Checkout page nominee not working properly
Fix: Select2 library causing jquery conflicts
Fix: Fatal error on variable product page
Fix: Points incorrectly calculated for Total Earned Points in Member Level (i.e – Expired points not included in calculation)
Fix: Undefined index error in Referral Reward Table in My Account Page when user is deleted
Fix: Incorrect Expiry date displayed in My Account Page for Other Language Sites
Fix: Displaying decimal value in User Reward Points view log when whole number is selected
Tweak: Po Files Updated

Version 15.9 on 10 November 2016
Tweak: Code improvements to enhance the security

Version 15.8 on 01 November 2016
New: Advanced Settings Tab added
New: Show/Hide Reset button in tabs
New: PO files added for Korean Language
New: Added option to Show/Hide the Social Icons displayed in Referral Link Generation Tab
New: Added option to Show/Hide the Referral Reward Table in My Account Page
New: Added option to restrict the First Product Purchase Points when User Registering in the Site
Tweak: Redeem Field Caption Show/Hide added
Tweak: Hiding My Reward Tables for Banned User/User Roles
Tweak: Unnecessary Enqueue scripts removed in order to avoid jQuery Conflicts
Tweak: Updated PO Files
Fix: Default option not set for Point price position option
Fix: Mini Cart Price displayed as 0 when Point price is enabled, and when cart is empty

Version 15.7 on 25 October 2016
New: SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway compatible with SUMO Subscriptions for automatic subscription renewal
New: Added an option displaying the position of Point Pricing label
New: Display Point Price and Earn Points message for Variable Product for identical variations
Tweak: Improvement in loading Reward Points scripts
Tweak: Social Reward Points, Buying Reward Points and Point Price settings are moved to the Advanced tab
Fix: Incorrect Points being redeemed in Auto Apply Redeeming when available Points is less than cart subtotal
Fix: Incorrect points displayed for redeeming on Button type Redeeming
Fix: Point Price problem
Fix: Social Reward is not working(if we try to set the points and update, the option automatically becomes disable)
Fix: Social Reward Points, Buying Reward Points and Point Price values are not saving in Edit Product page
Fix: Undefined index error when we save empty value in Manual Referral Link Tab
Fix: Show or hide not working properly for Twitter Follow (Variable Product) in Edit Product Page

Version 15.6 on 18 October 2016
New: Show/Hide Reward Points Payment Gateway based on Products
New: Added shortcode for current and next member level in email
New: Added shortcode for Unsubscribing of email account in My Account Page
Tweak: Variable Product Social Promotion settings moved to Advanced Tab
Tweak: Variable Product Buying Reward Points moved to Advanced Tab
Fix: Error fix

Version 15.5 on 14 October 2016
Fix: Redeemed Points not updating when some products is removed from cart

Version 15.4 on 04 October 2016
New: Don’t award Points when WooCommerce Coupon is used in Order
New: Reward Points for creating a Product
Tweak: Hide Reward Points message for guests in Shop and Single Product page

Version 15.3 on 28 September 2016
Fix: Product Stocks reduced twice if order is placed through SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Getting Referred for signup being awarded for normal signups
Fix: Unwanted log entry for getting referred Account signup and Product purchase

Version 15.2 on 27 September 2016
New: Reward Points for getting referred
Fix: Hiding Points earning message in cart when discount applied through coupon/points and points
based on discounted price is enabled
Fix: Coupon Reward Points not working for limited use coupons
Fix: JS scripts loading on header/footer

Version 15.1 on 19 September 2016
Tweak: Troubleshoot option to overcome memory exhaust
Tweak: Point Price displaying for Booking Products
Fix: Color picker enqueue script conflict
Fix: Gateway Title and Description not displayed for SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Fatal error ‘is_type’ when plugin is activated on a site which has products displayed on custom pages
Fix: Errors when Member functionalities triggered for Guest purchases

Version 15.0 on 11 September 2016
New: Separate Short codes added for ranking the Users based on Current Points and Total Earned Points
New: Hiding Reward Points gateway in checkout page for selected products/categories
New: Users can be sorted based on their Total Earned Points in User Reward Points Tab
Fix: Problem in points being awarded for multiple quantity purchases when point type is set as Fixed Reward Points
Fix: Gift Icon Message not displayed on Single Product page and Shop Page
Fix: Decimal values not displaying in My Reward Table under Total Earned Points section

Version 14.9 on 02 September 2016
New: Custom CSS in General Tab should apply for all pages except My Account,Shop Page, Cart Page, Checkout
Page,Single Product Page
New: Added option to hide username field in my account page table
New: Added Success Message for Facebook Share
New: Booking Products can be set with Point Price
New: Signup Points for Referred User
New: Language files added for Russian Language
Fix: Warning message in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array in cart page
Fix: Memory exhaust problem when order is completed
Fix: Referral Account Signup Points awarded to referrer multiple times
Fix: Multiple Emails were sent based on Earning Points when more than one product is purchased in the order
Fix: Earning Points were calculated based on discounted price when Reward Points based on Discount Amount
option is disabled

Version 14.8 on 30 August 2016
Fix: Incorrect Points awarded for Product purchase when multiple quantities of the product is purchased
Fix: Please update to v14.8 if you are using v14.6 or v14.7

Version 14.7 on 22 August 2016
New: Referral Signup points can be awarded based on User Purchase Amount or Number of Successful Orders
New: Category Filter option added for Products to be purchased using SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Tweak: Changed the Label “Enable Selected Products for Purchase Using Reward Points” to “Enable Selected Products for Purchase Using Sumo Reward Points Gateway”
Tweak: Responsiveness of Referral link Table for phone and tablet
Fix: Round off issue in Master Log
Fix: Proceed to checkout not working when the link is a submit button
Fix: Unwanted characters error in debug mode for email template table
Fix: Short-code contents displayed for Guest
Fix: Compatible with Woo-Variations Table(not allowing variable products to be added when point price product is in cart)
Fix: My Account page Date error warning
Fix: Warning message fixed when trying to reset the plugin settings
Fix: Unnecessary redirection when Redeemed points is manually removed from cart
Fix: Free Product is not being added to cart based on Total Earned Points
Fix: Points to reach next Member level short-code is showing Incorrect Points

Version 14.6 on 10 August 2016
New: Compatibility with SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing Plugin
Tweak: Option for Site Admin to Hide Error Message when Point Price Product is in Cart
Fix: Displaying more than 5 decimal values when Whole Number is set in Decimal Type
Fix: Removed unused js files
Fix: Fatal error when parent product is chosen as free Product in Member Level
Fix: Hiding redeem field in checkout for point price product
Fix: Date picker js conflict issue in point URL tab in admin settings
Fix: Unwanted P tag appending tag issue in Facebook share button
Fix: Error Message is displaying when try to submit Cashback form even though having enough points

Version 14.5 on 03 August 2016
New: Option added for the Site Admin to Display Currency value of Earned Points in Reward Points Table
New: Option added for the Site admin to display the Referral Link Generation table[Before/After My account]
New: Redirect the page to Refer a Friend for Guest after login or registration
New: Redirect the page to Gift Voucher form for Guest after login or registration
Tweak: Roundoff display for points in My Reward Points table
Tweak: Optimization of Gift Voucher Tab
Tweak: Changed the New Gift Voucher as default Gift Voucher and removed the Old Gift Voucher
Fix: Login link in Gift Voucher for Guest is not working properly
Fix: p tag appending in script for Refer a Friend Shortcode
Fix: Points for Product Review is not working properly
Fix: Redirect to guest users for refer a friend when https enabled
Fix: Redeeming Field displaying twice on checkout page for default
Fix: Points being able to redeem for total including tax in Checkout Page
Fix: Saving default value for menu name as SUMO Reward Points
Fix: Removing empty column from Imported CSV file in Gift Voucher Tab
Fix: Undefined Variable error in Checkout Page
Fix: Displaying User Name when importing the expired Voucher Code
Fix: Improper Points is displaying in My Reward Table when using the Reward actions[Product review,Registration]
Fix: Few jQuery conflicts
Fix: Error message when total earned points shortcode is used

Version 14.4 on 22 July 2016
– New: Added Troubleshoot Option for Loading Scripts/Styles in Header/Footer of the site
– New: Gift Voucher with Additional Features
– New: Shortcode to display currency value
– Fix: Points displayed with more than two decimal places in email when using [rs_user_total_points_in_value] shortcode

Version 14.3.1 on 15 July 2016
– Fix: Maximum Cart Total for Earning Points Error Message
– Fix: Minimum Points Validation for Redeeming in the Cart page

Version 14.3 on 12 July 2016
New: Maximum Cart Total for Redeeming option
New: Maximum Cart Total to Earn Points option
New: Twitter Follow
New: Instagram Follow
New: Option to Activate/Deactivate Email Template
Fix: Special Characters not displayed in Refer a Friend Email Notification

Version 14.2 on 04 July 2016
New: Static referral URL with social shares
Tweak: User Reward Points Sorting based on User Points
Tweak: My account table field hide in mobile
Tweak: Points Round off in Emails
Tweak: My account page round off
Tweak: Refer a friend paragraph tag formatting in email
Tweak: Variable product message line break for Points Message
Fix: Fatal error on cart page
Fix: Removed date time zone settings
Fix: Bug fix set up in minutes for cookie settings
Fix: Saving issues with Cash Back form request for custom payment
Fix: Quantity Updation Ajax fix(v2.6.X)
Fix: Excluding tax order total calculation
Fix: Message doesn’t display when Decimal Separator used as comma
Fix: Cashback Custom payment requests not listed in table
Fix: Cash requests csv column interchange issue
Fix: Redeem button hide issue when cart updated
Fix: Header error when export cash back request with chrome browser
Fix: Reward Points mail sent based on WooCommerce Mail template
Fix: Calculating Total Earned points
Fix: Membership plugin compatability
Fix: Roundoff master log, user list table
Fix: Tax display in redeeming points
Fix: Log not recorded when maximum earning points enabled
Fix: Thank you page error(array sum error)
Fix: Member level next level needed points

Version 14.1 on 22 June 2016
– Fix: Blank white screen problem with WooCommerce 2.6.1
– Fix: Unable to Remove an applied Coupon in Cart page
– Fix: When Redeeming Button type is selected, a new Redeeming Button is created when Cart Page is updated
– Fix: Redeems the exact points set in Maximum Redeeming for Order field even when redeeming points is less
– Fix: Points not added in user account when points are added manually
– Fix: Empty Coupon applied when the cart page is refreshed
– Fix: Points message display more than 2 decimal places for Free products
– Fix: Point Pricing Products display more than 2 decimal places
– Fix: Add/Remove Reward Points field doesn’t show warning message when empty field is submitted
– Fix: Points Redeemed incorrectly when Include Product/Include Category is Enabled
– Fix: Conflict with Facebook Like button when Facebook Share button is hidden

Version 14.0 on 19 June 2016
– Fix: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.1
– Fix: Problem in Points redeemed when Tax is enabled
– Fix: More than two decimal points displayed in Redeeming Button type and for Point Pricing Products
– Fix: Problem in Maximum Earning Points validation when points are added manually
– Fix: Points Redeemed more than the value set in Maximum Cart Total for Redeeming.
– Fix: If Tax is enabled for Currency & Point Pricing and Only Point Pricing Products more points get redeemed when using SUMO Reward Points Gateway

Version 13.9 on 15 June 2016
– New: Compatible with SUMO Memberships

Version 13.8.2 on 14 June 2016
– Fix: Improved the fix for User Reward Points not displayed in Multi site

Version 13.8.1 on 13 June 2016
– Fix: User Reward Points not displayed in Multi site

Version 13.8 on 08 June 2016
– New: Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions

Version 13.7.2 on 05 June 2016
– Fix: Maximum Point for Redeeming validation problem for Auto Redeeming
– Fix: Auto Redeeming on selected Products and Categories
– Fix: Incorrect Decimal display when order placed using Sumo Reward Points payment Gateway
– Fix: Incorrect sender email address in mail send using cron job
– Fix: Problem in redeeming validation

Version 13.7.1 on 03 June 2016
– New: Compatibility with dompdf library used invoice generation

Version 13.7 on 31 May 2016
– Fix: Points message display problem in Booking Products
– Fix: Problem in display of Expiry Date for some time zones
– Fix: Redeeming Points calculation problem when cart gets updated while tax is enabled
– Tweak: Updated Documentation

Version 13.6 on 30 May 2016
– New: Option to customize labels in My Account Page
– Fix: Points message display ignoring Sale Price for Variable Products
– Fix: From Name and From Email get from WooCommerce even though Email Sender Option is selected as Local
– Fix: jQuery Error when submitting Refer a Friend form

Version 13.5 on 24 May 2016
– Fix: jQuerey Error when submitting Refer a Friend form
– Fix: Points displayed and awarded incorrectly for Bookable products
– Fix: Points Redeemed incorrectly when Button is selected as Redeeming Field type
– Fix: Problem in Maximum Earning Points for Each User option

Version 13.4 on 10 May 2016
– New: Shortcode to display Points needed to reach next Member Level

Version 13.3.1 on 07 May 2016
– Fix: Gift Voucher points not added to the account for new user
– Fix: Points Expiry Date Display Format inconsistency in My Rewards Table under My Account

Version 13.3 on 05 May 2016
– New: Reward Points for Facebook Share
– New: Documentation Updated
– Fix: Display default Redeeming field when Redeeming Button type selected
– Fix: Unnecessary Earn Points Message displayed in Cart

Version 13.2.3 on 02 May 2016
– New: Date/Time display format can be customized in user log,master log,my account based on WordPress settings/Default Method
– New: Documentation Updated
– Tweak: HTML wrapper element added for point price messages for CSS customization
– Fix: “PayPal Email Field cannot be empty” error message when Cash back Form is selected

Version 13.2.2 on 21 April 2016
– Fix: Referred by message display problem
– Fix : Display member level name using the shortcode
– Fix : Incorrect points being redeemed when redeeming type is set as button
– Fix : Warning message when redeeming for the first time using button type

Version 13.2.1 on 14 April 2016
– Fix: Shipping and Tax price not added, when the product is purchased using SUMO Reward Points gateway

Version 13.2 on 13 April 2016
– Fix: Reward Points for Product Purchase calculated incorrectly when the Sale Price of the Product is Scheduled

Version 13.1 on 12 April 2016
– New: Option for setting Menu Name
– Tweak: Caption Changed for option from “Enable Only Redeeming for Order” to “Do not Award Points on Order when Reward Points are Redeemed”
– Fix: Redeeming points calculated incorrectly when Tax is applied
– Fix: Referral Reward Points not added in User Total when they don’t have any points
– Fix: Variation Id displayed along with Variation Name in Points to be Earned message in Cart Page

Version 13.0 on 01 April 2016
– New: Strictly Point Pricing Feature
– New: Total Earn points displayed for guest during checkout
– New: Code Optimization for Reset the Previous orders
– New: Documentation updated
– Fix: Email not sent when mail type is chosen as Based on Cron job
– Fix: Points that can be Earned displayed incorrectly in Thank You page
– Fix: Negative points displayed in My Account page
– Fix: Redeeming points applied incorrectly, when try to redeem second time
– Fix: Not able to Reset the Plugin settings
– Fix: Redeem points not display correctly when tax is enable
– Fix: Gift voucher not recording points for new user
– Fix: Points not revised when order placed using sumo reward gateway
– Fix: Incorrect points being awarded when value in member level is left empty
– Fix: Add and remove points tab validation

Version 12.9.3 on 11 March 2016
– Fix: Reward Points based on Discount Amount option when using the Coupon with Variable Product variant level

Version 12.9.2 on 09 March 2016
– Fix: No Reward Points awarded when WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin is used
– Fix: Reward Points revision when Order Status is changed
– Fix: Hide Auto Redeeming message when current Cart contains a Product which is excluded from Redeeming
– Fix: Referral Reward Points being awarded for own Referral link

Version 12.9.1 on 05 March 2016
– Fix: Awarding Points when user cancels the order in PayPal Payment Page
– Fix: Cannot set Coupon Reward Points
– Fix: Hide Plugin settings displaying in Frontend
– New: Updated Documentation

Version 12.9 on 29 February 2016
– New: Added Failure Messages for Points URL
– Fix: Expiry of Reward Points
– Fix: Auto Redeeming when Redeeming is based on Product Total
– Fix: Product Price and Earning Points Message displayed in same line
– Fix: Error Message display when products purchasable with Reward Points Gateway is added to cart

Version 12.8 on 22 February 2016
– Tweak: Display Earn and Redeem Points message in Order details only when it was Enabled in Order tab
– Fix: Import and Export Points
– Fix: Master log and User Reward Points log
– Fix: Point Expiry column in MyAccount page
– Fix: Adding UTC time for Point Expiry
– Fix: Global settings Reward Points
– Fix: Maximum Cart total for using Sumo Reward Points Gateway

Version 12.7 on 15 February 2016
– Fix: Duplication of Points when importing the CSV file
– Fix: Error in Header when guest accessing the site
– Fix: Error in backend order meta box when Enable Earned Reward Points checkbox is selected
– Fix: Empty coupon is being inserted when product has been removed

Version 12.6 on 12 February 2016
– Fix: Displaying User Current Total Points using shortcode
– Fix: Import/Export User Reward Point
– New: Document Updated

Version 12.5.1 on 09 February 2016
– Fix: Displaying Total Point Message in Cart and Checkout Page
– Tweak: Caption changed for “Product review after Product purchase” and “Message for Simple Product in Single Product Page”
– Tweak: Document Updated

Version 12.5 on 08 February 2016
– New: Point URL feature
– New: Reset Option for Referral Reward Table
– Fix: Exclude, Include options for Auto redeeming
– Fix: Displaying Earn Point message for Variable Product in Single Product Page
– Fix: Displaying earn and redeem point message for current order in Edit Order Meta box
– Fix: CSV file for Request for Cashback, Import/Export Point when exported in fresh installation
– Fix: Sending mail based on earned and redeemed point in current order
– Fix: Adding registration point twice for user
– Fix: Calculating Total Point for User

Version 12.4 on 04 February 2016
– Fix: Product Review and Rating
– Fix: Hiding the Redeem field in Checkout when Auto Redeem option is enabled
– Tweak: Undefined index error in Balance Redeem Point Message at Cart and Checkout Page
– Tweak: Message Display on Reset Data button click

Version 12.3.2 on 28 January 2016
– Tweak: Documentation has been updated

Version 12.3.1 on 08 January 2016
– Fix: Error in Redeeming of Reward Points when tax option is enabled

Version 12.3 on 06 January 2016
– Fix: Points not displayed on Product when point pricing type is set based on Conversion
– Fix: Incorrect points earned when redeeming as well as point pricing is applied
– Fix: Referred person name is not displayed when type is set as user id
– Fix: Error being displayed when guest placed an order
– Fix: Problem when Dynamic Pricing is used

Version 12.2.9 on 02 January 2016
– Fix: Incorrect points being earned when redeeming(discount option is enabled) is not used in cart or checkout page

Version 12.2.8 on 01 January 2016
– Fix: Incorrect Points being awarded when Points based on Discounted Price is Enabled

Version 12.2.7 on 30 December 2015
– Fix: Problem in Reward Points when sign up and referral sign up option is enabled
– Fix: Error displaying when Enable Selected Products for Purchase using reward points option is enabled in checkout page
– Fix: Problem when points based on discounted price option is enabled

Version 12.2.6 on 18 December 2015
– Fix: Default value set for registration
– Fix: Hiding redeeming type when an auto redeeming is applied
– Fix: Points display based on product price in point pricing when Point Price type is set based on conversion
– Tweak: String translation updated

Version 12.2.5 on 15 December 2015
– Fix: Problem in Signup Reward Points

Version 12.2.4 on 13 December 2015
– Fix: Auto Redeeming of Reward Points

Version 12.2.3 on 10 December 2015
– Fix: Point pricing details on Product page can be customized using custom CSS
– Tweak: Added the notice message for “Apply Redeeming Before Tax” compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.3 or older

Version 12.2.2 on 29 November 2015
– Fix: Bulk Update for Category
– Fix: Setting default value for Member Level Tab
– Fix: Show/Hide Selected Category in Bulk Update

Version 12.2.1 on 24 November 2015
– Tweak: Default Value for Reset Points For Previous Order Changed
– Tweak: Documentation Updated

Version 12.2 on 22 November 2015
– Fix: Reward points not awarded when using PayPal Payment Gateway

Version 12.1.6 on 19 November 2015
– Tweak: Calculating points based on Regular price/Sale price

Version 12.1.5 on 18 November 2015
– Fix: Undefined variable in thank you page, email template and array_sum() error in cart page
– Fix: Hiding social icons for guest
– Fix: Displaying unsucess message when an user dislike the social promotion activities

Version 12.1.4 on 14 November 2015
– New: Reset option added for Removing points awarded info
– Tweak: Hiding Google Plus confirm dialog in single product page

Version 12.1.3 on 09 November 2015
– Fix: Import/Export Reward Point Tab for Overriding Point
– Fix: Update the coupon amount when the Product is removed from cart
– Fix : Update the earn point displayed in checkout page when removing the coupon/applying coupon during Enable Reward Points based on Discount Amount is enabled

Version 12.1.2 on 05 November 2015
– Fix : AJAX in Variable Product causing performance issue

Version 12.1.1 on 04 November 2015
– Fix: Displaying Member Reward Points for Guest using Shortcode

Version 12.1 on 03 November 2015
– New: Separate Order Status option for Earning and Redeeming
– New: Reward Points for Page Comments
– New: Reward points for Reviews only by Buyers
– New: Minimum cart total for Earning Reward Points
– New: Hide Reward Points Gateway when the excluded product for redeeming is added to cart
– New: Show/Hide the Points Expiry Column from My Reward Table
– New: Set maximum points for Send Points to another user
– Tweak: Adding free product only once per user in Member Levels

Version 12.0.3 on 30 October 2015
– Fix: Added Option to Display the Nominee name alone instead of user id and email d in My Account Page when user selects the Nominee option
– Fix: Save changes button disappears in checkout tab

Version 12.0.2 on 25 October 2015
– Fix: Added class for reward points elements in my account page

Version 12.0.1 on 24 October 2015
– Fix: Display earn point message for Payment Gateway in check out page
– Fix : In Variable Product page
– Fix : View log and Edit Total Point link in User Reward Points Tab

Version 12.0 on 22 October 2015
– New: Auto Redeeming of Reward Points
– New: Nominee in Checkout based on User Role
– New: Reward Points for Blog Comments
– New: Option to stop applying other coupon when redeeming is done
– New: Point Price based on Conversion
– New: Performance Improvement
– Tweak: Revising Points when Order Completed
– Tweak: Adding Support Tab
– Fix: Invalid argument in foreach() in Coupon Reward Point Tab
– Fix: Missing Argument in Member Level
– Fix: Hiding Reward Points in Shop page for Guest
– Fix: WPML String Conversion

Version 11.3.1 on 13 October 2015
– Fix: Points not displayed in WooCommerce Order mail

Version 11.3 on 11 October 2015
– Fix: Incorrect points being redeemed
– Fix: Guest being able to see redeeming field

Version 11.2.2 on 07 October 2015
– New: Show/Hide WooCommerce Coupon in Checkout Page
– Fix: Custom CSS field works in Checkout Tab
– Tweak: Earn Points Message will be displayed similar to Member and Guest

Version 11.2.1 on 02 October 2015
Fix: Displaying Earn Points Message separately for shop and checkout page
Fix: Settings page not appearing properly in Bulk Update tab

Version 11.2 on 28 September 2015
– Fix: Revising Point
– Fix: Points Redeeming

Version 11.1.12 on 24 September 2015
– Fix: Validate the Redeeming more than the available Points
– Fix: Negative points being displayed in Cart page while Redeeming

Version 11.1.11 on 22 September 2015
– Tweak: Display Earn Points Message on Single Product Page

Version 11.1.10 on 19 September 2015
– Fix: In Free Product feature
– Fix: Calculating the Reward Points for Product in global level

Version 11.1.9 on 12 September 2015
– Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Boleto Plugin
– Fix: Adding Products to Cart when Member level is set based on Total Earned Points

Version 11.1.8 on 11 September 2015
– Fix: Not being able to redeem points in decimal values
– Fix: Text errors

Version 11.1.7 on 08 September 2015
– Fix: Not able to Redeem points when WooCommerce Coupon Field is hidden
– Fix: Fixed the warning messages displayed in Cart Page

Version 11.1.6 on 07 September 2015
– Fix: Fatal error on Plugin activation in v8.3.1

Version 11.1.6 on 04 September 2015
– Fix: Hide the unwanted caption displayed below each Product in order page
– Fix: Product Price not displaying in order receipt page for Products without point price
– Tweak: Modified the code for point pricing functionality
– Tweak: Changed the hook for displaying the points that can be earned in cart and checkout

Version 11.1.5 on 01 September 2015
– Fix: Not Able to Redeem points in decimals

Version 11.1.4 on 29 August 2015
– Fix: Special Characters not allowed in Messages in version 8.3 (which is bundled along with the version 11.1.4)

Version 11.1.4 on 23 August 2015
– Fix : Problem to place order with a Payment Gateway

Version 11.1.3 on 22 August 2015
– Fix: Fixed fatal error issue

Version 11.1.2 on 18 August 2015
– Fix: Save Points Info in Variable Product with Latest version of WooCommerce
– Fix: Not being able to purchase Products with Reward Points Gateway
– Fix: Price not being displayed for Products in Shop page
– Fix: Calculating the current member level based on the total earning points
– Fix: Debug errors on My Account Page
– Fix : Issuing incorrect points to user if Registration Points after first purchase is turned on
– Tweak: Setting the Referral Cookie Expiry value if the value is empty

Version 11.1.1 on 15 August 2015
– Fix: Error displayed on My Account Page

Version 11.1 on 14 August 2015
– New : Add/ Remove points for Multiple users at once based on Include/ Exclude option
– New : Point Pricing for Products

Version 11.0.6 on 13 August 2015
– Fix: Points not being removed for manual removal in User Reward Points tab
– Tweak: Display error message for Redeeming type button when maximum and minimum points are set

Version 11.0.5 on 09 August 2015
– Fix: Reward Points not updating for Previous Orders

Version 11.0.4 on 08 August 2015
– Fix: Selecting selected Products and Categories in Bulk update options

Version 11.0.3 on 07 August 2015
– Fix: Reward Points not reduced when using Reward Points Gateway

Version 11.0.2 on 04 August 2015
– Fix: Select2 jQuery conflict in my account page

Version 11.0.1 on 02 August 2015
– Tweak: Changed Error Message for WooCommerce Plugin Dependency

Version 11 on 21 July 2015
– New: Member can Send Points to other Members
– New: Reward Points for Blog Post
– New: API support for Developers
– New: Set Maximum Redeeming Points
– New: Hide Apply Coupon Form in Cart Page
– New :Set Maximum Discount for Reward Points Gateway
– New: Position Option for My Reward Table in My Account Page
– New: Display Reward Points in when WooCommerce Shortcodes used for Products
– New: Option to Display the Referrer Name when Referral Link Clicked
– New: Referral Rewards must be awarded Only Once per Member (i.e. Delete cookie after first purchase)
– New: Checkout Page Nominee Option
– New: Added Refresh Button to Update the Expired Points of Member
– New: Option to Display the Message Before / After the Product Price in Variable Products
– New: Option to Select and Display the Payment method in Cash Back Form
– New: Display the Earned Points in Cart Page, Checkout Page and Order Page
– New: Refer a Friend Form supports Multiple Recipients
– New: I Agree for Refer a Friend
– Tweak: Change Update tab name to Bulk Update
– Fix: jQuery on My Account Page
– Fix: Masterlog Error

Version 10.1.5 on 02 July 2015
– Fix: Error during activation of the Plugin when WooCommerce is deactivated
– Fix: Adding and Removing Points in Add/Remove Tab
– Tweak: Display Preloader Image for Apply Points for Previous Orders
– Fix: Invalid argument Error in Checkout Page
– Fix: Error Log file

Version 10.1.4 on 27 June 2015
– Fix: Insert Query missing arguments

Version 10.1.3 on 26 June 2015
– New: Truoubleshoot Option for Manually Adding the Reward Points to User
– Fix: Roundoff the current User Reward Points displayed in Add/Remove Tab

Version 10.1.2 on 24 June 2015
– Fix: Displaying Earning Points and Redeeming Points in Order Meta and Mail
– Fix: Include and Exclude Products for Redeeming

Version 10.1.1 on 23 June 2015
– Fix: Displaying the Earning Points Message for Product when the Point is not given in Product Level
– Fix: jQuery error on select2 function

Version 10.1 on 21 June 2015
– Fix: Shortcode for Total Reward Points
– Fix: Shortcode for My Reward Log Table
– Fix: Display Earn Point Message for Variable Product
– Fix: Displaying referred person name in My Reward Table Log of Referrer
– Fix: Displaying total points in My Reward Table Log of Referrer for Referral Registration Points
– Fix: Apply Points For Previous Order
– Tweak: Added option to select language for Social Button

Version 10.0 on 15 June 2015
– New: Points with Expiry
– New: Nominee Option to Nominate Receiver for Reward Points
– New: Option for preventing Earning while Redeeming is done
– New: Separate Conversion Settings for Cashback
– New: New Import/Export for Points with Expiry
– New: Static Referral Link URL and Shortcode for Static Referral Link URL
– Tweak: Maximum Earning Points

Version 8.2.7 on 11 June 2015
– Tweak: Updated WPML Config file

Version 8.2.6 on 10 June 2015
– New: Allow Special Characters in Social Reward Points Success and Error Messages

Version 8.2.5 on 04 June 2015
– New: Added Shortcode which displays the Current Member level of the User
– New: Added Shortcode which displays the Total Points Earned by the User

Version 8.2.4 on 02 June 2015
– New: Added Shortcode to display the total points redeemed by a user
– New: Added the option to Export the Gift Voucher in CSV

Version 8.2.3 on 30 May 2015
– New: Option to Display the Points Redeemed in My Account Page and Master Log when using Reward Points Gateway
– Fix: Changed the caption of Buying Reward Points

Version 8.2.2 on 27 May 2015
– Fix: Excluding and Including Products and Categories for Redeeming

Version 8.2.1 on 26 May 2015
– New: Added New Position Option to Display the Social Icons
– New: Updated Po Files for Spanish

Version 8.2 on 25 May 2015
– Fix: Discount Calculation based on Product total
– Fix: Displaying Points equivalent value for redeeming type button
– Fix: Displaying quantity for Free Products

Version 8.1.9 on 23 May 2015
– New : Troubleshot option added for Tipsy Flickering Problem
– New: Added option to customize the UnSubscribe link caption
– New: Added option to customize the Redeem Gift Voucher button caption
– New: Added option to customize the Redeem your Gift Voucher caption
– New: Added option to customize the Generated Referral List caption
– New: Added option to customize the Generate Referral Link Button caption
– Fix: Maximum Earning Points for User

Version 8.1.8 on 22 May 2015
– Fix: Allowing Special Characters in Redeeming Error Messages

Version 8.1.7 on 21 May 2015
– Fix: Validation of Reward Points with special characters message
– Fix: Adding Free Products to cart
– Fix: Revision of Reward Points for Deleted Users
– Tweak: Hiding Tooltip message after liking the Product
– Tweak: Hiding Tooltip on social icons dispalyed with the Referral link

Version 8.1.6 on 17 May 2015
– Fix: Prefilling of Refer a Friend Message box with Referral URl
– Fix: Revision of Reward Points for Reward Points Gateway and Product Purchase
– Fix: Revision of Points for Referrer when the Referred user’s account has been deleted
– Fix: Displaying Points for VK like

Version 8.1.5 on 16 May 2015
– Fix: Category Level Reward Points

Version 8.1.4 on 13 May 2015
– Tweak: Display Social Icon

Version 8.1.3 on 08 May 2015
– Fix: Displaying the Points earned for the current order in order details

Version 8.1.2 on 07 May 2015
– Fix: Compatibility with Dynamic Pricing
– Fix: Sell Individually and Variable Product Support

Version 8.1.1 on 01 May 2015
– Fix: Master Log Reset

Version 8.1 on 27 April 2015
– Fix: XSS Security Problem Fixed
– Fix: Global Reward Points for twitter
– Fix: Global Reward Points for products which were already created

Version 8.0.9 on 22 April 2015
– Fix: Displaying the total points that will be earned for the purchase

Version 8.0.8 on 21 April 2015
– New: Option to Customize CSS displayed in Shop Page and Single Product Page

Version 8.0.7 on 20 April 2015
– Fix: Updating Points for Previous(Old) Orders
– Fix: Displaying Earn Points message for Variable Product on Cart Page and Checkout Page

Version 8.0.6 on 18 April 2015
– Fix: Updating Reward Points for Previous(Old) Orders

Version 8.0.5 on 16 April 2015
– Fix: Round off settings

Version 8.0.4 on 10 April 2015
– Fix: Displaying total amount to be redeemed in Button type Redeeming

Version 8.0.3 on 08 April 2015
– Fix: get formatted price

Version 8.0.2 on 07 April 2015
– Fix: Sending emails for All Users

Version 8.0.1 on 05 April 2015
– Fix: Header already sent problem while exporting master log
– Fix: Displaying Rewards Points for Product Review twice in the settings page
– Fix: Chosen selection for older versions of WooCommerce

Version 8.0 on 04 April 2015
– New: Reward points for Daily Login
– New: Lifetime Linking option for Referral Links
– New: Adding Unsubscribe link to footer of the email template
– New: Customization option in displaying currency value
– Fix: Rounding Option in Edit Order with Custom Reward Info
– Fix: Changed the Menu Capability

Version 7.9 on 29 March 2015
– New: Plugin Optimized for speed
– New: Display Reward Points message in product and category page
– Tweak: Changed foo table in backend to WP List table for optimization
– Tweak: Inverse the subscribe option in My Account to Unsubscribe for optimization

Version 7.8.1 on 23 March 2015
– Fix: jQuery conflct

Version 7.8 on 20 March 2015
– New: Exclude Products/Categories from Redeeming Points
– New: Option for awarding registration points for newly registered users and referral registration points after first purchase
– New: Option to allow redeeming based on cart subtotal/product price
– New: like Social Reward Support
– New: Added Order Status Option for Point Gateway
– New: Improved the Option to get prefill referral link in refer a friend form
– Fix: Loading default WooCommerce email format for refer a friend email

Version 7.7.5 on 15 March 2015
– Fix: Duplicates in Master Log

Version 7.7.4 on 10 March 2015
– Fix: Displaying currency value in My Reward Points Message

Version 7.7.3 on 05 March 2015
– Fix: Updated wpml-config.xml file with missing string from Checkout tab

Version 7.7.2 on 04 March 2015
– New: Option to Show/hide Unsubscribe from Reward Points Email Checkbox in My Account Page
– Fix: Debug Warning Message in Plugin Settings Page

Version 7.7.1 on 04 March 2015
– Fix: Showing Redeeming Field when Supplying Minimum Cart Total
– Fix: Debug Warning in Cart/Checkout Tab

Version 7.7 on 03 March 2015
– New: Export/Import CSV Username/Points or Email ID/Points
– New: Display the Earned Points, Redeemed Points for a Particular order in Order details and Order Completion Email
– New: Unsubscribe from Reward Points Email

Version 7.6.8 on 01 March 2015
– Fix: Displaying Redeeming field in Checkout Page

Version 7.6.6 on 26 February 2015
– Fix: Displaying messages when products are purchased using reward points gateway
– Fix: Added left over WPML String
– Fix: Debug Errors

Version 7.6.5 on 24 February 2015
– Fix: Updating Points for Previous Orders
– Fix: Debug Errors

Version 7.6.4 on 22 February 2015
– New: Option to customize the checkout redeeming field message
– Fix: Checkout redeeming
– Fix: Debug errors

Version 7.6.3 on 21 February 2015
– Fix: Debug error upon activation
– Fix: Add to cart button hidden when add to cart is clicked
– Fix: Updated po files

Version 7.6.2 on 20 February 2015
– Fix: Compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.3.x
– Fix: Debug errors
– Fix: Round off feature

Version 7.6.1 on 18 February 2015
– Fix: Critical bug on duplicating points
– Fix: Warning error upon Plugin activation

Version 7.6 on 18 February 2015
– New: Redeeming only when Particular Products/Categories are added in Cart
– New: Referral Rewards Log Table
– New: Selected Products can be purchased only with Reward Points
– New: Reward Points for WordPress Registration
– New: Show/Hide Option for Gift Message of Variation
– New: Added HTML Element for Gift Icon
– New: SUMO Compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.x
– Tweak: Revamp Free Product Scripts
– Fix: Displaying Free Product Message in Order Meta
– Fix: Cart Breaking Issue happen with Bundle Product

Version 7.5.1 on 14 February 2015
– Fix: Message disappearing problem in Variation
– Fix: Empty response after choosing Variation

Version 7.5 on 08 February 2015
– New: Ban/Restrict Members separately for Earning and Redeeming Points
– New: Show/Hide Messages separately in Shop Page and Single Product Page

Version 7.4.3 on 03 February 2015
– Fix: Duplicate Points Message in Cart Page

Version 7.4.2 on 28 January 2015
– New: Added Master log Reset option in Reset Tab
– Fix: Duplication of Points in Points log

Version 7.4.1 on 26 January 2015
– Fix: Language Translation
– Fix: Warning Messages in Checkout Page
– Fix: Duplicate Messages for Earning Points

Version 7.4 on 24 January 2015
– New: Reward Points for Using Coupons
– New: SMS Notification Option for Earning and Redeeming Points with Twilio and Nexmo API
– New: Equivalent value for my reward points in cart and checkout
– New: PO files (without translated text) added for Chinese

Version 7.3.3 on 14 January 2015
– Fix: Rounding Reward Points
– Fix: Twitter Tooltip
– Fix: Debug Error

Version 7.3.2 on 11 January 2015
– New: Show/Hide Option for Cart Messages
– New: Improved WPML Support
– New: Round off added for My Reward Points and its log

Version 7.3.1 on 10 January 2015
– Fix: Report Generation Tab
– Fix – Warning when no free products

Version 7.3 on 04 January 2015
– New: Free Products for Each Member Level
– New: Prefill refer a friend Message field with Referral Link
– New: Report Generation Tab
– New: Fallback messages when Redeeming Field is Hidden
– New: Custom Message for Redeeming Gift Voucher
– New: Custom Message for Success Social Promotion
– Fix: Total Points in Export

Version 7.2 on 15 December 2014
– New: Manual Referral Linking Feature
– New: Optimized Ajax Request in Update Tab by Request Chunk
– New: Minimum and Maximum Points Option for Cash Back
– New: Custom CSS Option for Cash Back
– New: Apply Reward Points Button Option
– Change: Ajax Call only for Specific Tab (To Improve Performance)
– Change: Label Change from Encashing to Cash Back
– Change: Earning Level Calculated based on Total Earned Points
– Fix: Order Status Disappear Problem on New Installation
– Fix: Disappearing Variation Price when SUMO Reward Points Active
– Fix: Awarding Points after Successful Social Promotion
– Fix: Displaying Redeeming field in Checkout Page

Version 7.1.2 on 02 December 2014
– Fix: Flatsome Upsell Display Problem
– Fix: Social Rewards when Points left empty in Product Level
– Fix: Localization with two different text domains
– Fix: Validating Empty Spaces for Voucher Code

Version 7.1.1 on 27 November 2014
– Fix: Removed Unwanted Filters in Import/Export CSV
– Fix: Title row removed from CSV
– Fix: Upload Button Label Change

Version 7.1 on 26 November 2014
– New: Encashing Reward Points
– New: Buying Reward Points
– New: Member Level Feature
– New: WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatible
– New: Update Tab Optimized with Page Load and Performance
– New: Minimum Cart Total for Redeeming Points
– New: Export Full Master Log
– New: Filter Based on Earned/Redeemed/Total Points in Import/Export Points
– Fix: Checking the Category Level Reward Points
– Fix: Upsell Product in Flatsome Theme

Version 7.0.5 on 20 November 2014
– Fix: Sending Mail from Refer a Friend Shortcode

Version 7.0.4 on 20 November 2014
– New: Label Change for Apply Redeeming in Cart Tab of SUMO Reward Points
– Fix: Displaying Gift Icon for Variable Product

Version 7.0.3 on 19 November 2014
– New: Change the Label in Cart Tab for Minimum Balance
– Fix: Checking First Time Redeem
– Fix: Translation for Send Mail in Refer a Friend Shortcode

Version 7.0.2 on 15 November 2014
– New: Localization Option for logging Voucher Code Usage Message
– Fix: Debug Warning on while using Redeeming Voucher Code
– Fix: Conflict with Upsell Widget in Flatsome Theme

Version 7.0.1 on 14 November 2014
– Fix: Displaying Reward Points Message for Guest
– Fix: Debug Error for Guest
– Fix: Showing Redeem Voucher Code Field, Generate Referral Link for Guest

Version 7.0 on 13 November 2014
– New: Compatible with WooCommerce Booking Plugin Version 1.4.2
– New: Compatible with Dynamic Pricing Plugin Version 2.7.1
– New: Multi Order Status Supported
– New: Import/Export User Points for Selected Members and Date Range
– New: Show/Hide Messages in Cart Page as well as Checkout Page
– New: Username or User Id as Referral Key
– New: Clear Redeeming Code when Cart is Updated (i.e. for Maximum Discount by %)
– New: Position for Message in Shop Page or Single Product Page
– New: Redeem It Show/Hide Option in Checkout Tab
– Fix: Validation for Characters in Redeeming Field