WooCommerce Pay Your Price

WooCommerce Pay Your Price is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin using which users can pay their own price for the products there by giving your users more importance which is likely to get you More Sales.

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WooCommerce Pay Your Price is a Highly Customizable WooCommerce Plugin using which users can pay their own price for the Products. Using this Plugin you can do Split testing to see what the Users are willing to pay for your Products, accept donations, etc. It works on Simple and Variable Products.




  • Buyers Pay Their Own Price
  • Accept Donations
  • Minimum Price, Maximum Price & Recommended Price
  • Market Testing
  • WPML Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Highly Customizable
  • And more


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 7.4 on 11 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility

Version 7.3 on 09 March 2017
Fix: Pay Your Price field display problem with WooCommerce Product Short codes
Fix: Add to cart button not replaced with Pay Your Price field
Fix: Add to cart button not working on Non Pay Your Price Products with WooCommerce Product Short codes
Tweak: Single Product Page Styles layout collapsed for Variable Product when Pay Your Price is enabled

Version 7.2 on 07 February 2017
New: “Text Field” input type added
Tweak: Code Improvements

Version 7.1 on 14 January 2017
Fix: User Entered Amount not reflected in Mini Cart
Fix: Price not displaying properly in Mini Cart for Normal Products

Version 7.0 on 08 January 2017
New: Predefined Buttons and Text Box Input field added
Fix: Minimum Price and maximum price display problem for Variable Product
Fix: Admin Dashboard undefined index error
Fix: Selected Amount display problem in Dropdown Input field for Variable Products

Version 6.9 on 05 December 2016
Fix: Pay Your Price field display problem for Variable Products with Multiple Variation Attributes

Version 6.8 on 11 September 2016
Tweak: Pay Your Price enabled product in shop page redirection to Single Product Page
Fix: Color picker library loading issue

Version 6.7 on 17 March 2016
– Fix: Button and Drop-down Input Field Type for Variable Products

Version 6.6 on 04 March 2016
– Tweak: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.x

Version 6.5 on 20 January 2016
– New: Added Button/Drop Down Types for Pay Your Price Input Field

Version 6.4 on 09 December 2015
Tweak: Troubleshoot option added to display the contribution input field as number field or text box field

Version 6.3 on 06 November 2015
– Fix: Error for get_available_variations()

Version 6.2 on 17 September 2015
– Fix: Minimum Decimal Contribution
– Fix: Default Value Setup upon fresh Install

Version 6.1 on 01 September 2015
– Version 6.1
– Fix: Hiding Variation Price Problem on upon changing different variation

Version 6.0 on 21 August 2015
– Fix: Displaying Variable Description with WooCommerce 2.4.4

Version 5.8 on 08 August 2015
– Tweak: Increased Hook Priority to remove Pricing for Pay Your Price
– Fix: Altered Custom CSS to available only for Pay Your Price enabled Product

Version 5.7 on 03 August 2015
– Fix: Error when WooCommerce is not Active
– Fix: Added Error Message for WooCommerce Dependency

Version 5.6 on 03 July 2015
– Fix: Variable Product Pay Your Price Visibility

Version 5.5 on 27 April 2015
– Fix: Entering Decimal Price

Version 5.4 on 11 April 2015
– New: Option of Redirection to Cart or Checkout Page when Pay Your Price is added to Cart

Version 5.3 on 25 March 2015
– Fix: Validation made for the price entered is less than zero

Version 5.2.1 on 18 March 2015
– Fix: Decimal number input for Price

Version 5.2 on 13 March 2015
– Bug Fixed on Altering the Price for variations when payyourprice is not enabled

Version 5.1 on 05 March 2015
– Bug Fixed on Displaying Contribution Field with Nested Variations

Version 5.0 on 02 March 2015
– Code Completely revamped work without AJAX
– Fixed Compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.3.x

Version 4.9 on 26 February 2015
– Bug Fix for fatal error during WooCommerce Updation

Version 4.8 on 08 February 2015
– Update Option to Bulk Update Pay Your Price Settings for Existing Products

Version 4.7 on 03 February 2015
– Fixed Fatal Error when site language is changed using WPML

Version 4.6 on 12 December 2014
– Bug Fix on showing false Variable on initialize Variable Product

Version 4.5 on 04 December 2014
– Fix: Variant Level Price for Variable Products

Version 4.4 on 17 September 2014
– Bug Fix in displaying price for products without Pay Your Price

Version 4.3 on 05 September 2014
– Changed ID Selector to Class Selector for Element
– Removed Inline CSS use it as default color
– Fixed Couple of Warnings on Debug Mode

Version 4.2 on 31 August 2014
– Cleared Warning Messages when Pay Your Price is disabled

Version 4.1 on 19 August 2014
– Displaying Add to Cart Button and Shop Page to Single Product Page Redirection when Button is clicked
– Separate Custom Button Texts for Shop Page as well as Single Product Page

Version 4.0 on 01 August 2014
– Bug Fix in Variable Product with Multiple Attributes

Version 3.9 on 21 July 2014
– Show/Hide Regular/Sale Price in Product Page Option

Version 3.8 on 19 July 2014
– Hide Minimum and Maximum Price Option for Variable Product

Version 3.7 on 17 July 2014
– Validation Message for ‘,’ in the Price Field
– Validation for double ‘.’ in price
– WooCommerce Price Format Support for Frontend
– Min/Max Display Bug Fix for Variable Product

Version 3.6 on 14 July 2014
– Bug Fix for Conflict with Fancy Product Designer Plugin

Version 3.5 on 17 June 2014
– Troubleshoot Option for Force SSL Admin

Version 3.4 on 03 June 2014
– Bug Fix in Cart Level

Version 3.3 on 22 May 2014
– Fixed Bug which occurred in Version 3.2
– Debug errors fixed

Version 3.2 on 21 May 2014
– Bug Fix in Variable Product

Version 3.1 on 14 May 2014
– Bug Fix in Displaying Price for Variable Products

Version 3.0 on 07 May 2014
– WPML Compatible
– Translation Ready
– No Redirection after Add to Cart

Version 2.9 on 02 May 2014
– Added Custom Color Option for Error Message
– Changed Checkbox to Listbox in Simple Product Enable Pay Your Price

Version 2.8 on 12 April 2014
– Redirection Option for Shop Page after Add to Cart
– Custom Label Option for Add to Cart Button

Version 2.7 on 12 April 2014
– Troubleshoot Option Added
– Validation for Regular Price

Version 2.6 on 9 April 2014
– Redirection Option after Add to Cart

Version 2.5 on 08 April 2014
– Now Compatible with Sold Individually Option

Version 2.4 on 05 April 2014
– Custom CSS Option Added

Version 2.3 on 05 April 2014
– Appending Input Field to Cart is Fixed

Version 2.2 on 22 March 2014
– Bug fixed for Non-logged users

Version 2.1 on 19 March 2014
– Settings Page Cleaned Up

Version 2.0 on 18 March 2014
– Variable Product Supported

Version 1.2 on 08 March 2014
– Hide Minimum Price and Maximum Price Option
– Shortcodes for Minimum Price and Maximum Price
– Settings Page Control made legible
– Alert Box Option Removed

Version 1.1 on 04 March 2014
– Input Price Text Box Validation for Numbers

Version 1.0 on 28 February 2014
– Initial Release