Fantastic Plugins is a collection of Premium WordPress Plugins. Today we have about 23 Premium WordPress Plugins and 2 Free WordPress Plugins. This count is going to keep on increasing as we continuously develop new Plugins. Since all the Plugins are custom coded and we intend to take this to a higher level you can be sure of the constant upgrades and maintenance of the Plugins.

We suggest you to become a Fantastic Plugins Member so that you can get access to all our Premium WordPress Plugins for a single price/year. We have priced our Membership such a way it is a great bargain to become a Member rather than purchasing the individual Premium WordPress Plugins from us. Right now the Membership price is $19/year but this is bound to increase in future. Though $19/year itself is a cheap price, we do promote Fantastic Plugins using Coupon Codes, so do check around for the Coupon Codes by which you can lock your Membership price for a very cheap price.